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Fish Blender 4000

Finney the FIshI made this game as a response to an art piece by Danish artist Marco Evaristti in which live goldfish were displayed swimming in blenders - and where guests could choose to turn those blenders on. While I respect an artist's freedom of expression, I felt sorry for all of the poor fish. I decided to make an art piece of my own that kept the questionable artistic vision while not actually harming any cute sea creatures.

Insert a quarter into the machine and hold the button on the custom-built USB blender to rev the engine. Speed it up long enough and poor Finney the goldfish gets sucked into the blades and sent to the big tidepool in the sky. Disgusted viewers can instead flip the blender upside down to dump its virtual contents and free Finney, no quarters required. Visitors can then stamp their hands or notebooks with an "I'm a Fish Blender!" or "Save the Goldfish!" stamp as a souvenir to take home.

This was the first real video game I ever made. I used the book "Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours" by Michael Morrison to learn the Windows API and "Programming Game AI by Example" by Mat Buckland to learn about solid state machines for programming the various game entities.

Non-Blender Controls
Right mouse button: Add a credit
Left mouse button: Hold to speed up the blender. Release to end the game.
Middle mouse button: Flips the blender and frees the fish.

Souvenirs: I'm a Fish Blender! Save the Goldfish!

Windows Windows - Last tested on Windows XP. There may be some compatibility issues with newer Windows versions.