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Below is a huge list of all of my major projects. To see only the best, click See Highlighted Works.

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High On Life
Take down the intergalactic drug cartel with your arsenal of sentient, talking weapons.

Sex, Death & Rock!
Interactive Dinner Theater at Two Bit Circus
Rock out with this interactive classic rock game show!

Skee Battle

Midway Game at Two Bit Circus

Compete for a high score in this projection-mapped version of the arcade classic ball-rolling game.


Installation at X-Prize 2019

An Oculus Quest VR skydiving experience using cables and fans to create a real sense of falling.

Dr. Botcher's Minute Medical School
Storyroom experience at Two Bit Circus
Learn how to perform high-risk invasive surgery in minutes, just feet away from a fully stocked bar!

Last Ball Standing
Midway Game at Two Bit Circus

Bump the other players out of the arena in this 4-player combat game played with real circus balls.

Demolition Zone
Midway Game at Two Bit Circus

Throw your wrecking ball at the screen to knock the building down.

Super Thunder Bloxx
Arcade Game at Two Bit Circus

Put on your sweats and stretch to grab the green boxes as they pass by, but don't touch the red ones.

Danger Danger
Arcade Game at Two Bit Circus


Robot Battle Royale
Arcade Game at Two Bit Circus

Smash the other robots in this 4-player combat game.

VR Attraction at Two Bit Circus

The re-imagining of the classic arcade game - Now with VR, motion simulation, and full tank controls.

Untitled Virtual Reality Motion Simulator Ride
VR Attraction at Two Bit Circus

I wrote several VR vehicle simulation games for testing and evaluating motion simulators.

World War Toons: Tank Up!
For Gear VR and Oculus GO

An on-rails tank shooting gallery based on the PSVR title World War Toons.

The Gadgetron
Art Installation
- Push buttons, pull levers, spin wheels, turn cranks, and play with whatever else lights up.

The Spellbinder
Arcade Game
- Use your facial expressions to help a host of fantasy creatures

Deja Cube
- Use the widgets on the sides of the story-telling, time-traveling cube to solve puzzles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Danger of the Ooze

For XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS
Explore the city in a classic Metroidvania style action adventure.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest
For Android, iOS - Have you had your daily dose of match-3 gaming today?

Adventure Time:
Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!
For WiiU, XBox360, PS3, and 3DS
Why don't you do something productive, like explore the dungeon or something?

The Smurfs 2
For Wii, WiiU, XBox360, and PS3
Help Papa and the rest of the gang rescue Smurfette from the evil wizard, Gargamel.

Lalaloopsy: Carnival of Friends
For Nintendo DS/3DS - Help Peanut Big Top and her friends get things ready for the big carnival!

For Android - Race your friends around your actual neighborhood using GPS in search of virtual poker cards.

Barkeley Ball

Xilinx Virtex V - The only augmented reality pong game to feature dachshund poo as a powerup.

Pong Quest
For PC/Mac - Pong as a... 2D platformer?

Fish Blender 4000
For PC - No animals were harmed in the creation of this game... Except for the fish in the blender. He got hurt real bad.

For PC - Client/Server-based multiplayer board game with animated charaters and network play.

For Android - An game about exploring the city and using objects in the environment as tools to solve mysteries.

Lightbug: Augmented Reality Prototype
For Android - A prototype game and presentation video made for some MBA friends accross the pond.

Blender Bot
For PC/Mac - Blend colors 'till your head a'splodes!

For PC/Mac - A multiplayer dodgeball game with hand drawn sprites and Wii Nunchuck controls.

Blender Bot Robotics Robo

Moxie: Social Robot for Child Development
Moxie is a robotic companion for children. It can have conversations, play games, tell stories, and teach kids positive life lessons.

STARMAC: Capture the Flag
A research project for the Berkeley EECS Hybrid Systems Lab to play capture the flag with robots.

World Domination Autonomous Tank Battle
I for one welcome our new merciless, robot overlords.

NATCar Autonomous Race Car
The National Semiconductor intercollegiate autonomous model racecar competition.

BMO Buddy
"Who wants to play Video Games?"

                                        Art Art and Animation Deviant Art Llama Badge

Dragon Slayer 3D Short Feature
A CG cartoon made entirely in Maya.

Spline Curve Roller Coaster
Ride on a virtual roller coaster ride!

Flu Discovery
An animated storybook made to teach children about the flu. Check it out on your HTML5 browser or iPad!

Cell Shaded 3D Game Engine (SIKAAGS)
Final project for my undergraduate graphics class using OpenGL and GLSL.
Coming Soon...

Texture and Bump Mapping
A set of bump mapping example images.
(This currently points to my old website's page)

Conway's LIVE Wallpaper
Generate beautiful, dynamically shifting patterns on your Android cellphone's home screen with this FREE live wallpaper app!

Hidden Markov Model Artificial Intelligence Pacman
                                      screwed up.

Demonstrations of various graph search algorithms. Coming Soon...

Particle Filtering
A blind PacMan hunts for ghosts with a particle filter.

? Misc. Other Projects ?
Misc. Processing Projects
Some artsy Processing projects made for a design class. You'll need to be able to run Java Applets to play them.

Cooking with Igor
Black&White and Full-Color Versions

A very, VERY silly video made for Halloween as a tribute to my love of classic horror films. You've been warned!

Lotka-Volterra Tutorial
A tutorial on predator-prey dynamics for a game design class I taught.

Conway's Game of Life Tutorial
A tutorial on cellular automata for a game design class I taught.