Scotty Hoag
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Spline Curve Roller Coaster

This was a project for a computer graphics class. A track is defined by interpolating a spline curve between sets of points. We then created a roller coaster car that could thunder down the spline-curve track! The user could switch between first and third person views, change the acceleration properties of the car, and alter gravity and friction.

It seems inappropriate to talk about this project without acting like a carnival barker, so...

Step riiiiight up and ride the AMAZING SHUTTLE-LOOP, a death-defying cacophony of twists, knots, drops, hairpin turns, corkscrews, and a loop-de-loop! There may be enough orbits to make satellites dizzy, but how will you fare?

Animation of third-person view: Third-Person
Animation of first-person view:

Shuttle Loop