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Melted baller.This game was created as part of a collaboration between myself and a team of four art students. I wrote all of the code and hacked up some Wii Nunchucks with Arduino microcontrollers to use as input devices while the artists drew the beautiful animation, wrote the retro music tracks and sound effects, and built the custom game console case. It was a bit hectic since we only had about two weeks to pull the whole project together, but we did it and it turned out awesome!

You play one of four spitballers in teams of two, or you can play in a 1-on-1 match. Grab a loose ball and spit it at your opponents to score points. If you are hit, you'll be left prone for a moment and be an open target for your enemies. If you manage to catch three balls thrown by your opponent in a row without getting hit yourself, you can spit an unblockable fireball!

Brought to you by Team Beagle Claw

Jeff Armstead: Music, sound effects, design lead
Paul Haymon: Character and special effects animation
Scotty Hoag: Programming and Wii/Arduino Hacking

June Lin: Character animation
Galen Travis: Title screens, case designer, beagles, claws

Beam me up, Scotty

Available by request only. If you would like to play spitball, you'll need some special hardware. If you'd like to make some, then send me an email. Otherwise, the videos below will have to suffice. Sorry!

Bangin' Music:  All Music + SFX  Title Screen  Gameplay  Credits  Beatboxing

Original Game Design Document: PDF

All Art Assets: ART

Title Screen Team Beagle Claw!