Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

The Spellbinder
August 2016 - Two Bit Circus - Arcade

Look into the magic mirror and watch as you are linked to a creature in a fantasy world. Your facial expressions are used to help the Ogre ready his scariest face for intimidating brave knights, give the siren an inviting wink to crash ships, and teach the jester a happy smile to make the King's court laugh.

The Spellbinder is a project that had been kicking around Two Bit Circus for a very long time before I arrived at the company. Unfortunately, by the time I was asked to finish the software the basic game mechanics of mapping 3D elements onto facial features on a camera stream no longer required special hardware and were already being replicated on cellphones. The game uses Intel RealSense cameras to track individual facial features - From the amount each of your eyelids is open, to the curve of your smile. I fixed some issues with the face tracking, added analytics logging, and added basic gameflow structure to get the game ready to ship. While we only produced two prototypes which were installed in Dave & Busters locations in Los Angeles, the company used the production of this game to learn a lot about building midway and arcade games for the Two Bit Circus micro-amusement park.