Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

(Pronounced "Sai-kags" or "See-kags")

This was my final project for my undergraduate computer graphics class. The name stands for "Shaders, Inverse Kinematics, and AAAAAAAHHH, A Giant Scorpion!" I developed an inverse kinematics solver that could be used to animate the scorpion's legs and tail. My partner Zelam Ngo constructed the model and scene graph for the scorpion, as well as used the IK solver to move the limbs to simulate walking. I also wrote a toon-shader in OpenGL's GLSL shading language to make the scorpion look awesome. The toon shader supports variable line width, so objects that should have more line weight are drawn with thicker lines. You can see some screen captures below of our scorpion, the toon shader rendering a motorcycle in unique ways, and the IK solver being tested on the roller coaster from a previous project.

Project Report: PDF

Scorpion IK Solver

Toon Shaded Bike Toon Shader Exploited