Scotty Hoag
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Robot Battle Royale
July 2018 (Unreleased) - Two Bit Circus - Arcade

Zip through the factory and smash the other robots into scrap metal! Hop through the factory maze that wraps on the top, bottom, and sides. Line up an attack and slam into another bot to score a point. The player with the most points wins. Don't worry: you were built for this!

After the successful testing of Danger Danger, Game Designer Mike Longely and I were asked to make another game design prototype for the Skidoo 1024x7040 platform with a focus on multiplayer. Robot Battle Royale is a 4-player networked combat game. I wrote the network-compatible gameplay code including player controllers and physics. Unfortunately, despite having a publicly playable demo at the Los Angeles Brewery Art Walk in 2018 and just being really fun in general, this game never made it into full production (Possibly because it required 13 monitors and 4 graphics cards for a full 4-player game with score tracking).