Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

Last Ball Standing
September 2018 - Two Bit Circus - Midway Game

Last Ball Standing is a multiplayer king-of-the-hill combat game where players try to bump each other out of the arena. The controllers are huge balls used by circus acrobats for balancing acts, but which we use as giant trackballs. The projection surface and gameplay perspective also make it feel like you are looking into a 3-dimensional space.

I wrote almost all of the game code. This includes player controllers, physics systems, specialized cartoon physics, a powerup system allowing for layered buffs and debuffs, and different rendering modes for the projection surface and spectator display monitors above the play area. I also wrote the firmware for the giant trackball controllers and spent a lot of time tweaking them to be responsive and fun to spin. Last, I wrote automated testing scripts that can play the game at speeds faster than humans to aid QA in finding tricky bugs like memory leaks.