Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

Dr. Botcher's
Minute Medical School
September 2019 - Two Bit Circus - Story Room Experience

Doctor Botcher's is an interactive storyroom experience for 3-6 players. The doctor teaches the group some dubious medical techniques, and then players try their best not to kill the patient on the operating table. The surgery room consists of multiple networked PC terminals running Unity.

I wrote countless mini-games in Unity C# with Python server-side code, developed PLC and Arduino microcontroller firmware, wrote PID controllers for dynamic UI animations, and optimized extensive amounts of network and database communication code via multi-threading. I also contributed heavily to the narrative structure design, created a keycard system for logging players into different stations, wrote an exciting "paperwork" game, developed a camera system to take the group's picture when using the defibrillator tool in the final moments of the experience, and provided the voice-over for the surgery patient character.