Scotty Hoag
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Deja Cube
May 2016 (Unreleased) - Two Bit Circus - Toy

The Deja Cube was a project Two Bit Circus worked on with Intel. The concept was to create a storytelling device with the Intel Edison embedded systems board and generic widgets that could be used to interact with a narrative to play games and solve puzzles. Each side of the cube had a different type of widget on it: From E-Ink displays to joysticks to button arrays. No LCD displays were used - the intention being to expose children to other kinds of physical devices to play with.

I wrote most of the gameplay code for the approximately 15-minute prototype experience we created as a proof of concept. I wrote a series of "chapters" that read sensor data from the various widgets to move the story along. I wrote games as simple as shaking the cube to loosen a stuck gear, to more complex puzzles like a maze displayed as a series of e-ink map segments that the player navigates using the compass joystick. Games were written in Python and made excessive use of greenlets for coroutine logic.